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How can i Identify Text aligned in oppposite direction using QTP

Helo Fellow QTPians,

I've a stange scenario to test. My desktop application has a section to create charts/Reports for teh data entered. One of the chart has the text in the following manner

As in the Image above, all the tree boxes are identified under one object. i don't need to  identity each individual box as an object as the charts keep on changing. i need the text not the number of boxes.

I've to Identify the text Parent node,Child node1, child node 2. Please suggest any ideas....

I've tried using Getvisibletext and Getetxtlocation but in no use.

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Am sorry, the image is attached...I added it to the discussion but its not shown there

Did you try with innerHTML or Tooltip of image?

If none of them are working then you need to try with image comparision tools.

Thank u for response...I can't use either InnerHtml (This is a desktop application) or Tool tip(my application doesn't have tool tip functionality).

Am currently checking with bitmap capture method...Hope it works...


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