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hi friends,

can any one help me that how can i test a web application's performance(stress and load)testing. i have to use automation tools to test the performance of the web application or can i test it through manually.

pls help me and thanks in advance.



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You can do it by using any performance tools like load runner or some other performance tools


Load testing is done by giving the maximum number of load eg. if an application can do login for 100 users at a time means we can do load testing by giving the maximum input level (95-100)


stress testing can be checked by giving the input above the limit eg. more than 100 at a time which causes stress to the application and the performance is calculated.

thanks Aswin, but i need a free tool to test the performance as my boss dosnt want to purchase any tool. he want the trial or free tool.

And one more thing can i test it manually.

You can go with webload which is available freely and openSTA too. If you didnt find anything, just download load runner which comes with one month trial pack.

Ok fine i will try to download.

thanks Aswin

You Can Use Jmeter or OpenSTA (OpenSource) or Loadrunner if you have License.

If you are looking fora  trial version or open source tool , most of them permit only up to 10-20 users. VSTS 2010 ultimate trail version is permitting to use upto 300 users but giving best results upto 200 for my knowledge.

Neo load is also one of the best tool but trial version has only for 10 users.

I heard Jmeter , Grinder & SoapUI are good open source tool for load testing.


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