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Hi friends,can any one provide sample RTM?

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RTM is prepared by test lead as a test engineer we just can view and we cont update or ny thing

use of RTM:

-mapping the requirements to test cases

-mapping the testcases to requirements 

-to ensure 100% test coverage(means dat we hav written enough test cases to cover the requirements)test coverage=no.testcases executed/total no. of test cases--------------this is an interview question asked to me

-it is a king of detailed report generation

hope this info wil help u

sory test coverage=No.of test cases executed by/total no. of test cases *100

Can any one please provide the sample RTM or RTM template which most comp follow , please

http://www.etestinghub.com/requirements_traceability_matrix.php refer this u ill get a answer for this..



@ Prabu - thanks


drop a mail on this





RTM is Requirements traceability matrix.

mapping requirements to test cases and test cases to defects, to ensure the coverage of requirements. It also used in root cause analysis of the defect.

RTM is maintained either in excel or using any test management tool like QC.


Requirement traceability Matrix is the document which co-relates the requirements with test cases.It can be used to asses test coverage. to determine whether we tested all the requirements. It can be used more as a management tools not Planning tool. Usually PM/TL will prepare the document.

As an tester RTM document help us in 1.Functional testing, 2.Interdependencies with other modules at field level and functional level(Integration testing) 3.Most important at regression testing.

In short it is document which shows how many test cases are passes according to the requirement. And important for client and company to know the coverage of project.


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