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Hi,As a tester u raise an issue but developer not accept the issue that time wat u do?

As a tester u raise an issue but developer not accept  that issue that time  wat u will do?

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 At the time of reporting an issue you should have the steps to reproduce the defect. and still the development team  refuse to accept the defect  .. then you can contact your TL or any concerned person.. Narrate the whole story to them.. and let them decide ..!

thanks for u rly samrat

and i ask one more Today is the  release date but u find a critical defect  u need to relese  that time wat will we do?release or postpone?


As a tester we can not make a call on release or not? Only thing what a tester can do is providing more information on the impacts of the issue and providing views with respect to the general user and finally providing some sugestions.


we can discuss the same with dev and findout how much time he is going to take to fix the issue and what are all the tests need to be re-runned etc. information and providing a rough estimate on the same to the stake holders. So that based on our information they will make a call.



Ask your developer to access you box and check if the issue is reproducible/not?

IF YES, he will accept it, NO close the defect.


Your Leads/Managers/Stake holders can't FIX the issue.

it is acceptable but no time to fix the issue ? compulsory we need to relase today that time?

The rarest of the rare condition but situation is not complicated. as a tester  we will be doing our duty by reporting the bug strongly as the severity is high. but it doesn't mean that the development team will start fixing it. because we must not forget that the fixes can arise some more bugs to be appear. and in other hand the Customer wont compromise with the deadline. so in such a situation its always better to deliver the S/W with some known bugs instead of inserting some unknown bugs. then after delivery we will  deliver the patch to fix the defect in shortest possible time.. 


hope It will clear your doubt..??


kk thanks samrat


i have an interview in this week ?

can i expect any  releated question in manual testing and hr questions for me please?

help this is my first interview?


 Welcome.. !  and yes You can drop me a mail @   Samrat.bats@gmail.com

 I shall send you some of the Important interview questions.

as far as HR interview is concerned :-- There is no any specific answer to those questions .. just be honest ... thats it..

check ur gmail i sent a request to u
hi chinna,

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