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Hi,As a tester u raise an issue but developer not accept the issue that time wat u do?

As a tester u raise an issue but developer not accept  that issue that time  wat u will do?

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wat do u mean about stake holders?

1.we will provide the functional specification requirement reference to convince the developer.

2.if the developer is not convinced by functional specification references,we will send a mail to analysis team asking for conformation.

3if the analysis isn't sure with in the functionality they need to conform with the customer

There are many conditions in which developer reject an issues

1:If he/she is unable to reproduce:In this condition you should  mention proper step and attach screen short.that developer can reach that particuler functionality where bug arise.

2:If bug is genuine and developer is not accepting .then communicate to his /Her TL or PM and Testing TL contact to Development TL and organized a meeting.in meeting discuss that issue.if they say that is not an issue than simply we say taKE A WRITTEN SIGN OFF from developer side.

3: Some times environmental affect.You are working another enviourment  and  developer is working other enviourment. so first check both developer and tester are working same enviourment or not

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