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hello frnds.............. can any one clearify my doubt .......regarding verification and validation..............

please help me regarding this

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Verification is a Quality control process that is used to evaluate whether a software product or service with specifications or conditions imposed at the start of a development phase. This is often an internal process.

Validation is a Quality assurance process of establishing evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that a product or service accomplishes its intended requirements. This often involves acceptance of fitness for purpose with end users and other product stakeholders.

Kiran Kumar K.
thanks kiran


 @ Kiran ,   

    Your answer is correct but You did a blunder by telling that  Verification is Quality Control and Validation is Quality Assurance ..  in reality Verification is Quality Assurance and Validation is Quality Control.. 


Validation says that the right product is developed. It is to be done from the end-users perspective.

Verification says that you have developed it correctly. It is done internally to make sure that everything has been developed as per requirements specified.



u too naresh

Verification: Am I Building the product right?. Verification is done from starting of the development life cycle model

Validation: Am I Building the right product?.

This is the most common example to know the difference between verification and validation


Hope this solves ur issue.




Anjali Vaswani

verfication it is process of verifying we are developing the right product or not?

Validation  it is a process of validatng does the develped product is right or not? 


@ Chinna ,

   Verification is Product right / Job right / work right / System right ...

   validation is right product/ right job / right work / right system...     

yes samrat .


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