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Hi all,

In an interview, they were asked me these below question can please explain me 

Team Working
Give an example of where you have taken action to make a team work
together more effectively

Give an example of when you have had to use effective communication
skills to bring a difference of opinion to a satisfactory conclusion.


answer should be in this format please help me


Situation/Task - What was the situation? What actually happened?
Approach and Action - What did you do? What reaction did you get?
Results - What was the result of your actions? What happened next?


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Hai Chaitanya,

Giving examples is not a big task but it varies from one person to another person work....

Take a bug which you wrote or consider an issue in the project which no one recognised....

So for 'Team Working' : say that you have done R&D on that issue and had led few Members/Team along with you to

 bring it to limelight


Communication: Say about any bug which was posted by you or team mate is said to be invalid as it was not much clear. So taking initiative on that you spoke to the concerned person in Dev. or to the lead(s) explaining about the issue and how it effect functionality.


I know its not the way you want it but its just a ref. use for you

NO vamsi 


This information is more useful for me 


Thanks for your suggestions 





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