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Have any one Working or aware of Identity Manager Domain

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Hi Siva Saran Reddy,
Am working as a Senior Tester on the CA Identity Manager Domain.
How can I help you?

Am working on Identity Manager Product. I have shifted to that recently

Actually i need how to learn that product (Identity Manager)
Which Identity Management you are in to?
Is it the CA,Oracle,SUN or something else?
If you are a tester, why you want to learn the product?
Just learn of about
What is Identity Management?
How it is configured?
What is the domain of about?
Who is your client and how the IDM is going to help them?
And many more questions like this...

Correct me if am wrong!!

Am a tester working on Novell Identity Manager
I like to learn the domain
But how to start learning this
As per my knowledge and experience

In simple words Identity Management is of about

Identifying the individuals with a unique criteria like the SSN/National ID/ First name with Date of Birth.
Once the identity is saved in the system then as accordingly the policies and validations will be given to that individual as per the identity.

And many concepts/technologies will be used in the IdM . Hope you get the books/materials regarding the Novell Identity Manager. Just read them or Google and get the information.

If you have any doubts after reading those, you can get back to us on a specific terminology or functionality. We can discuss in detail..

ca.com/us/user-provisioning.aspx - United States

These should help

Dr Ananthakrishnan
Can any one tell how IDM is used in the Customer point of view

Can anyone reply how the IDM is used in the customer point of view

Actually if i want to learn about the IDM how to start and also the advanced concepts


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