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Hi Folks,

Can anybody sujjest me with any interesting topic wch should be a unique in Software Testing..as i give to seminar...waiting for Quick Reply's with good topics other than ERP Testing,WTL Testing..waiting for your valuable comments with good topics ahead.

NOTE:if any one willing to share the topic here pls share with the Topic name and the source link.so that i can use it and can prepare well ,the samething can be useful to any other member in the QT site for future use. 



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I can provide interesting topics but definitely not Unique in the world.  If you want a Unique topic then you should invent it.

1. RBT - Risk Based Testing

2. OATS - Orthogonal Array testing

3. Best practices for test data re-use

4. Best practices for Agile Scrum automation (regression & functional)



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