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Guidelines of Test the SOAP UI TOOL and Web Services

Hello Guys,


Could you please help me out to provide the any guidelines to test SOAP UI tool and Web Services.. I have installed the SOAP tool in machine and acquiring the basic features...The SOAP testing is performed in my project.


It will be good for me if you people help me out to explain How to test SOAP and Web Service testing.


Thanks in Advance,



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Hi Gaurav,

For testing web services through SOAP UI, You need a wsdl(web service defination language). Once you have it then give the path through SOAP UI, and then you will be able to see the operations defined in this wsdl.

e.g Add Payee, Delete Payee such kind of operations. And for each operation you will find an xml with no of fields in it. You need to enter the data for the fields and then hit the request, and you will get the response........

Read this link and you will find it very helpful........





Thanks so much Seema for the help.. It will be very useful for me, I will gone through it and if any query occur will get back to you.... 

Sorry for late reply...




but from wher should we take WSDL
copy it from the server?


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