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Hi Guys Few of My NRI Friends are planning to start a software Testing company. They need some guideines for setting up a company like the communication done in companies through mails, hierarchy levels and the process related implementation.They are much interested in Scrum Agile process. So could u plz provide ur valuable inputs.

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Right Ur Version is absolutely correct. But they want all these process in a given example like the characters names and their roles. Even i have explained them very clearly. They want in a pictorial explanation with examples. So this is where i m stuck.


If possible can anyone provide me with better examples and explanation.




HI Mastan,


In Agile development model -- we follow scrum methodology in which the release schedule (called as Sprint Plannning-- which will be for 90 days which is the major release in Scrum.


Coming to the communication there will be scrum mater( who can be client or client represented or onsite co-ordinator) he will communicate to offshore team on daily basis to check the status of assigned tasks and updation of requirements.


Next internally there will be daily scrum meetings which can be standup calls in off-shore to identify any issues and escalations.






Thanks. I got ur point but can u plz provide me more detailed explanation in the form of any examples or any doc file or pdf where there are real time scenarios like taking up the names or any Ppt etc..


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