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I have to do parametrization in Jmeter. 3 text boxes, one day drop down, month drop down and year drop down please anyone explain..

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I guess that combination of all above is just constructing a datetime value for the request. Just record it via HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder or Google Chrome plugin to get an idea of format and once done you should be able to randomize your input via following functions:

If i record the functionality then i can through only for one user for load..

but here is the requirement for different different users on same time..

please reply it very urgent....

This is very simple example to JMeter paramterization: http://testingfreak.com/tools/jmeter/parameterization-in-jmeter

And get familiar with JMeter reference, and it's configuration elements. http://jmeter.apache.org/usermanual/component_reference.html


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