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Getting duplicate threads while recording the application


While recording the application, i'm getting duplicate requests for all the threads.I'm recording through proxy.Just i wanted to know that whether the problem is with the application or with Jmeter?I tried in many ways but nothing happens.Please help me on this.

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Check out "Grouping" setting of your HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

By default JMeter doesn't group samplers so you might want to try options like 

  • Store 1st sampler of each group only
  • Put each group in a new transaction controller

If you use Recording Template feature (from JMeter's main menu choose: File -> Templates -> Recording -> Create) you should get a "good" recording configuration in few seconds. 

Also you can try an alternative way of recording a JMeter test: JMeter Chrome Extension, in this case you won't have to worry about proxies, SSL certificates, etc. just follow your test scenario steps in browser and they will be recorded in the best way.  

Thanks a lot for your response and it worked out.


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