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Future of Manual Testing-Will there be a need for manual tester?

Future of Manual Testing-Will there be a need for manual tester?


What happen when there is no need for manual testers at all? If the industry goes in favour of automation testers, where is the scope for functional testers? When the entire world started asking for tools expertise and java/.net scripting knowledge, where does experts of test cases, defect tracking goes in future?


These are some of the questions come and go daily to manual testers in their mind (atleast for my friends who conveyed it over a period of time)

Since I.T being a well established industry and well forecasted technical job provider, what is your take?


-Narayanan Palani

Author of Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed


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Yes off course, manual testers are for ever, but demand will be less.

if you are manual and automated tester then no need to worry.  

even automation tester need to learn manual testing 1st.


With ever increasing demand for automation testing, manual testers are slowly looking forward to increase their capabilities by learning scripting skills as many organizations are also thinking to have their long time manual testers to be equipped with automation skills. This is due to the reason that they might have realized that their manual tester have gained domain knowledge which could be very helpful in performing automation testing. There might be another reason that they cannot afford to hire expensive automation test engineers. However, manual testing cannot be replaced with automation testing as either types of testing has their own advantages. However, there are some "Automation Testing Challenges for Manual Testers" learn more: http://bit.ly/1LCfgsp

@Pavan: Useful link.Thank you!


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