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I am new in Software testing . Basically I am B.E(I.T) .I am working as manual tester for last one year.I want to know that can i make a great career in Manual testing In india or Canada?

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Hi, Dattesh

Ofcource you can make career in software testing as a manual testing if you have passion about it i am giving you the example which i read it today hope it will boost your moral by seeing the post of http://testingbasicinterviewquestions.blogspot.in/2012/05/is-softwa... good explanation by the author



Adding Jasmine, manual testing will lead us to Bussiness analyst/funtional expert.. only we need to do is gain the domain and become domain expert if want to be in manual.



Thank You. This  information is USeful.

I agree by what above people have said. Adding to that if you think manual testing boring, or not challenging, then you are wrong. There is lot of scope in manual testing

You might have bright future in software testing anywhere in the world only if you would demonstrate your testing skills. Only if you have great test ideas and thoughts on software testing.

I would recommend to read blogs like James Bach and Michael bolton. Read books and do practice everyday.

Master with test tools, and acquire testing skills...

I also disagree with Ramesh that learning domain would make your better tester. I think tester need to learn any domain at any time. Tester need to focus on how to find bugs, report them, communicate to stakeholders and solving problems. 


Yes but domain is also important looking at the practical scenario

What is mean by practical scenarios?

I Think Practical scenarios are nothing but User scenarios.

The person who is an domain expert will test the application on those scenarios.



Future of MANUAL TESTING is bleak! without multiple skill set its waste. Though you have job and work, will get bored easily!

If its the same domain you have been working for a year, then you have gained your expertise in the product your testing, you more or less an expert in your product / domain, you now need to see how externally your gained expertise will help. you have two options, either continue with the same Domain with a different Product (Eg : in Consumer electronics you have Set Top boxes, Televisions, MP3 players, ) or you can switch your Domain and see how your gained expertise would help you, this will however need you to gain knowledge on the new domain.

Long live Manual Testing, without which you cannot do Automated Testing.

Long live Testing, without which nothing exists.

with all the automated tools in the world, its still uncertain if its giving you the right results unless you do atleast one round of Manual Testing to know the results.

Though man invented the machines, you dont trust it untill you yourself know what is expected of it.

As in the discssions earlier, as you age in Manual Testing, you get to be a Domain / Product Expert and this if your interested can take you into Pre Sales, Domain Experts, and if all goes well, you will head a new organisation whose expert is only on the domain that you work :)




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