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How long can a person survives in IT industry with manual testing skills. Since I am in Manual testing from last 3 years and also doing good, but my concern is should any one survives in IT industry with manual testing skills only or this is required to switch to automation or some other tools for better growth ?

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 Manual with Automation skills are compulsory,with Manual only we can't survive so long in an Industry. Go for any automation Tool. most of the companies are looking for that. For our improvement Automation is must


More you know, more likely you will have work at manual testing also. So study as much as you can to become better tester, and to make sure you'll have work in future also. Some good ideas for learning:

  • Administrating different platforms. E.g. Linux & Windows
  • Business knowledge - you can understand your customers better
  • Domain knowledge
  • Some programming - if you need to learn automation later
  • Mathematics and specially the statistics - helps to analyze the metrics
  • Development processes - helps you to learn how different things are affecting to testing, and how bad development processes are killing the good testing
  • ....

There's endless amount of stuff. Never get stuck and never be happy with your current knowledge. 

Hello neha before such months i have the same question arise in my mind 
and i asked it to one person from softwaretestinghelp.com site. 
He gives me this answer.
There are many testing professionals who are doing good in manual testing only. In fact they are now at the management positions without having good knowledge of automation. So you can be in manual testing as long as you want and as long as you have the necessary skills and expertise i this area. But you should continuously try to improve testing process, new techniques in manual testing to be in the ahead of the race.

As you will gain experience you can move to management positions (lead/manager etc) in that case if you had at least basic understanding of automation testing /methodology or any tools that will be beneficial for you to quickly manage the projects/teams. 


Strong Knowledge on Manual, with Automation Skills...Discussion is Trustworthy:)

Manual testing is always evergreen though automated testing has its own importance.There are some areas where automation testing provides more accuracy than manual testing.Automation test tools runs test cases faster than any human resources and thus saves time which is a major advantage.

Future of Manual testing is bleak! Manual on it's own can't exists!

When someone say "Automation" then most of the people think about tools like QTP, RFT, Selenium. A manual tester can differentiate himself/herself from rest by enhancing the few skills relevant to Manual testing only like DB testing, WS testing, I18N, L10N, Agile methodologies, etc., And also by implementing the strong process which included reviews, RCA, RBT, Hexawise, etc.,

Thanks all for clarifying my doubt ..so what are the areas or field should i focus now to improve my skills..

What ever you like and love and feel passion to.

Thanks for the post.. Good to learn about from your discussions..

I believe that knowledge and learning shouldn't stop. When you know that there is good scope for automation testing in industry, there is no harm in  learning it. Its always a value add and having two or more skills in our CV is a big highlight for recruiters and automatically your  profile visibility would increase too. I agree that Manual Testing is a monotonous job but even automation testing needs manual testing background. So in mere future, I would suggest you to learn new technologies. You would be climbing up the corporate ladder and your role might change from technical to management as your cross that technical growth barrier from Team lead to the higher level.


I can suggest you to learn new technologies like automation or if u r working in good domain like Insurance ,BFSI,telecome,retails or anything, become SME for the domain  can choose like called as BA,Function consutant which realy good comapred any technology. It upto you which line you want to choose.

All the best ..




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