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What are Functional and non functional test types? Can someone please give a brief information on these testing types?How can the test cases coverage done for the same?

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      functional testing types like unit testing,integration testing,sanity testing,smoke testing,regression testing,system testing and user acceptance testing are examples of functional testing since all of these tests are done to conform core and essentail behavior of system,without which it will be incomplete...

      Non functional test types mainly focuses on evaluating the performance of system functions.The performance of system features is crucial and it is usually performed after the functional testing of system.Some types of non functional testing like load testing,stress testing,volume testing,security testing and compatibility testing
falls under this umbrella....

Thanks for the reply kotla lakshmi kanth reddy

Functional Testing: Testing the application by validating requirements.

Types Of Functional Testing:-

Sanity Testing,Retesting,Regression Testing,User Acceptance Testing,Functionality Testing...

Non-functional Testing:Testing the attributes of a component or system that do not relate to functionality, e.g. reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability and portability. 

  1. Usability Testing
  2. Compatibility Testing
  3. Configurations Testing
  4. Data-Volume Testing
  5. Performance Testing
  6. Security Testing
  7. installation Testing

You can measure coverage via Traceability Matrix.....


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