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Hi Friends, I am working on an Banking Application. Module is Fund Transfer. I am writing scenario for this module. I am transferring amount from From Account to To Account.
Please suggest me what should be the other more scenario for this functionality.

From Account : 4712345        To Account: 1928765
(seven digit)

Amount : &500

Transfer (Button)

Positive Scenario -

1. From Account amount should have minimum balance and as well as amount to be transfered.
2. Amount to be transferred should not be more than the From Account Total Balance.
3. Amount to be transferred should be at least 500 (depending upon requirements)
4. Amount should not cross the daily transaction limit.

Negative Scenario

1. Make a transfer without passing anything in Amount.
2. Amount can not have special character
3. Amount can not have alphabets
4. There should be no space between amount numbers.

Thanks & Regards,
Robin Tyagi

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Hi Robin,

1.check for same bank account no(eg:HDFC TO HDFC)

2.check for Different bank account nos(eg:HDFC TO others--Third party transfer)

3.check if u get transfer successful msg or not,if not check for the criteria, according to requirements

4. put Min balance n try,shouldn't b allowed because of min balance criteria,according to requirements

5.check if account holders account no is correct or not,try with different digits

6.check for NEFT OR RTGS options(optional)

7.check for correct IFSE codes(optional)

Plz correct me if i am wrong

Thanks & Regards


Hi ,

       How do u test Amount is transferred to other Bank or not through Manually......Any mechanism behind that.


just to update ,funds tarnsfer in real time is done not liek this much simple. its just front end GUi validation which u doing .( not much require din present day market)

Funds tarnsfer will be done in most of banks by specif application called Global payplus or GPP

Its done thr network call SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)

chk below link in which Mt10X and 200X are useful 



          Thank u Very much, its very useful ................

Hi Vijay,

       Could u plz elaborate clearly about fund transfer details. If u r having any documents related Banking forward to My Mail ID: velde.nagaraju@gmail.com

fund transfer

1:  in which bank account u transfer first check account number correct, name of account holders

2: IFCS code

3: from which account u transfer is third party actived

4:login by customer id & password

5: go to third party transfer

6: add account number with IFCS code & name 

8: confirmation message should show   either email id or mobile number which is registered on bank account

9: after account add  choose account if more than one acount

10 enter money 

11: click on sent button

12: confermation message should come on mobile or email id that rupees hab been deducted from your account

12:enter more than amount which is not available in your account& click on sent button.message should display insufficient balance

13: without money click on sent button message should display enter amount value.

Hi Vijay,

If you have any document related to banking application testing, plz transfer it to my email id ' rsrajez@gmail.com '

Thanks in advance


Hi friends,

Can you tell me when we add some account no in payee account then how does that account no is identified means how does we validate that account exists or not, how does bank identify identify that account exists or not.
1. first things is that how we identify/validate that the account no we are adding that exists or not
2. how does bank identify while making transfer that account no exists or not / is right or not.

Thanks & Regards,

Robin Tyagi


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