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Functionality of Remember me option while logging in

Can any one explain me about the "Remember Me" feature available while logging into a applciation



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Generally to store your login and password on your local machine, we use Remember Me option...It tells the application to remember you next time you arrive at the application, that is it logs you in automatically, w/o saving your any sensitive information on client. (mostly they use cookies)

But if the user logs out then that information is lost and the user has to log in again.

Some apps offer more security on remember me, like Yahoo! using a path of a file on your PC and if you have no file at that path then you are not logged in automatically.

Remember Me option creates a ‘cookie’ on your PC containing your login and password authentication information. To disable the Remember Me option and delete the authentication cookie from your PC, click ‘Logout’ before closing the browser window.

We do not recommend using the Remember Me option if multiple people share a single PC or if your PC is not secured with its own password.


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