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Functionality testing : Testing the functionality of the software . ( What system does ).  during system testing we try to find out the defects  in System results and System behaviour .. When we try to find defects in System results then its called Functional testing ( what software does ) and When we try to find defects System behaviour then its called Non Functional testing .( how well system does that think ). 


hi samrat jha

anyhow thanks for ur response.it is bit confused .can u explain with one ex if u dont mind so that it can be easily understood

Thanks in advance



oh...  Thanks for your review ...

Sure .. here comes the example :-   We take an Example of QT, where Functional Requirement says : User should be able to Invite Friends .

Functional testing : Test that the User is able to Invite Friends . 

Login to QT ---> Home page opens ---> Click on Invite ---> Invite Your Contact page opens --> Click on "Enter Email Addresses Manually "---> Enter the email address in "Send to " Field ---> Enter Your Message --> Click on Send Invitations.

Expected Result :- Mail should be sent and System should display an acknowledgment message to User as "Invitation sent successfully "..


Here I  Assume that : By doing the Steps above System Gives you the Response in the Manner It should give .. Means ER=AR .   Hence It is Functional testing . You tested What system Does...

Non-Functional Requirement says :-with Valid Login Credentials System Should not take more than 2 seconds in giving login to User Profile  .

Non-Functional testing :-  Login With Valid Login Credentials and Measure the Response time by using any of the Performance testing tool..   Here You tested " How Well System does that thing"..

Still have Confusion ..??? Do let me know...


Samrat Jha.

Hi..Samrat thnks...!

I'm fresher in dz industry. Have got only 4months of experience . I gave an interview in one cmny de asked me to write only functional test cases for 1 form. I wrote then they asked following questions..!

1. What is the sequence for testing we generally perform..  means which test we have to carry out first till last.

2. You have wrote functional test cases then can you tell what are system testing test cases? These functional test cases are same as for system test or we have to write different test cases for system testing?

3.How does QA environment is developed ?

Can u please comment in brief,

Thanks in advance.

 @ Aditya 

1) The Sequence : GUI --> Functional --> Non Functional [ Most general scenario ].

2) System testing : It is combination of Functional as well as Non-functional testing . [  Read my earlier replies ]. 

3) I am not getting the question . Still on behalf of my Interpretation : We prepare test environment after getting input from test plan. and its always recommended to have an environment very much similar to Production environment ...

Regards :

Samrat Jha.

HI.. Thanks.. so we need not write test cases separately for system testing? 

How do we test load test, volume test, stress test? It is carried out by using any tools?

load test, volume test, stress test are normally carried out by a Performance tool like Load Runner 

 Yes ... Umesh is correct... 

Hi Satish,

Functional testing is a testing procedure which tests the functional characteristics of a system being tested.

If i take an example of functional testing of google.com : It should show the search results after pressing the 'Search' button. So this is an example of functionality testing as it is directly related to the functioning of the website.

It includes testing of attributes like : security, suitability,accuracy,interoperability and compliance . 

Thanks and regards



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