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I am new into the testing, while wondering on QT site then I found this bug, I really dont know dat whether this is a bug or not. if this is not bug then please ignore

Category : Functionality

Priority : Very low

Severity : Very low

Assign To : QT team

Bug Summary  : Registered member can able to log in from sign up page also.

Description : As we know that on every application Sign up functionality is only for new members to join or to become a member and Sign in functionality is for to make login into the system but here register member can able to login into the system.

Step to Reproduce :

Open quality testing website (http://www.qualitytesting.info)

Then Click on Sign up Link (URL -http://www.qualitytesting.info/main/authorization/signUp?)

Then Enter your email add and password

(do not enter retype password & do not select birthdate & do not enter verification code)

Then click on Sign up - see member is able to login successfully

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Dear Dhanraj,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice.

Yes there is an Open Bug on Sign Up page.

Bug: "Registered member can able to log in from sign up page"

Dev team is working on this fix, will release asap.

-QT Team

YEAHA .... now we got the information. NOW it's a bug & not only a "strange behaviour" :)


Nice caught :)

I am agree with @Peter :) Without knowing the Requirement Specification no one can say that this is a BUG. This might be a functionality.

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