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I am new into the testing, while wondering on QT site then I found this bug, I really dont know dat whether this is a bug or not. if this is not bug then please ignore

Category : Functionality

Priority : Very low

Severity : Very low

Assign To : QT team

Bug Summary  : Registered member can able to log in from sign up page also.

Description : As we know that on every application Sign up functionality is only for new members to join or to become a member and Sign in functionality is for to make login into the system but here register member can able to login into the system.

Step to Reproduce :

Open quality testing website (http://www.qualitytesting.info)

Then Click on Sign up Link (URL -http://www.qualitytesting.info/main/authorization/signUp?)

Then Enter your email add and password

(do not enter retype password & do not select birthdate & do not enter verification code)

Then click on Sign up - see member is able to login successfully

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welcome to QT :) Nice to see ambitious testers aroud here.

But I'm wonderin how this can be a bug? Do you have access to the requirements implemented for the QT Homepage?

Maybe it was a requirement to make login as convenient as possible & therefore be able to login whereever it's possible.

Besides that - is it a "Hight Priority bug"?

Does your login cause any database crash? Do you loose data? Have access to a strangers profile? Get access to the backend? No.

The behaviour you described might not be intuitive or common - but for me it's wether a bug nor a critical bug.

Never the less - keep bug-hunting!! ;)

i changed the priority and severity as very low

Hello Peter,

It is my pride that u wrote valuable comments on my post and you described it very well. 

Thanks a ton ~

its not a bug i guess...coz ur already a member of QT so it obiviously checks in database with the registered id and allows u...try with the new one like how u create in the starting .

Hi Raghu,,,how can you say it is not a bug....

     I think User interface testing is not done properly,,,User Interface (UI) testing verifies a user’s interaction with the software. The goal of UI testing is to ensure that the User Interface provides the user with the appropriate access and navigation through the functions of the target-of-test. In addition, UI testing ensures that the objects within the UI function as expected and conform to corporate or industry standards.

I am strongly agree with u ...I needed support for this and you have given it very well...thanks a ton...

You can't say that it's a bug. You only can say that it's not common to login on the signup page. And you might assume that it's a bug.

Great explanation of UI testing - but there's a antilogy for me. You say that UI testing is not done properly and it's a bug. Because "UI testing ensures that the objects within the UI function as expected and conform to corporate or industry standards."

You don't have any clue about the expected functionality, or the corporate standard. Maybe it works as designed and it matches the corporate standard - then it will never ever be a bug.

I believe that functionalities of Sign in and Sign up are very different. And there is no need to check the specification or requirement documents. If the specification or requirement documents are saying that user can login from sign up page then i will say again this is a bug even in requirement document.


see your stated sentence : "You only can say that it's not common to login on the signup page." 

so I believe that above your statement sufficient to prove this is a bug...

No! :) You dont know this behaviour is desirable (works as designed) or not.

What should you do? Ask the projectOwner, developer... anyone who is responsible for the design/functionality.

Imagine you now talk to the owner of QualityTesting and he tells you "Oh no - we wanted to make the login as easy and redundant as possible. For me it's perfectly ok when you can login at this page".

Is it a bug now? No. As long as you dont have this information you can't call this case a bug. It's just an unexpected behavior.

I m not agree with u and if the owner of quality testing will say as like you said then it will not acceptable by anyone.

I Agree with Dhanaraj Because it is an issue when we click sign up link button its navigating to the new user register page
in signup page when we type registered mail id and press tab to enter password field then a proper validation message should be display as " already email (or) username has registered with us kindly provide another email".


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