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Hello everyone.

What would you do in the following situation: you are taking over a new web-based project and you are the only QA assigned for it. What are the first steps you need to take until completing the first testing cycle. Like:

1. receving requirements, functionality documentation regarding the application

2. having prepared a test environment

3. establishing a test plan

4. writing test cases for the req

5. obtaining accces to the bugtracking tool etc

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      could anyone pls elaborate this steps.





If I was the only assingned QA, follwing are my approach-

1.Study and understand the requirement and functional documents and prepare a Time estimation for this project.

2.Prepare Test plan.

3.Identify the test scenarios and prepare Traceability matrix for them so that I can take reference of it while writing test cases.( It will help to cover all the test scenarios )

4.Prepare test enviornment



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