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First PostHow long a Test Engineer survive with only Manual Testing Skills

How long a Test Engineer survive with only Manual Testing Skills

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In the States, I'm running in clients who don't have an automated testing tool and I'm being tasked to do an audit to find one applicable to the application(s). I find with my testing that manual testing is still top dog and that automation is usually something a stakeholder is requiring because a "competitor is using this" more then for any true practical reason. Now I know that automation is needed but to be very honest with you, I've found more defects via manual testing then automated. Think about this, if automation was truly great, you would never hear about the word or the action called "RECALL" which is happening a lot in the automotive industry because of their trust in automation.

Great reply!

Your points makes sense Subbu. But can you tell me if certifications in Manual testing be useful in competing software standards?


Certifications make you more stronger but those are not compulsory.

I have seen experts in functional, automation & performance without any certifications.

One can't survive with ONLY 1 skill in IT for long!!! No matter it's testing or something else.

Multiple skill set is a need not trend or something else.

When we can learn 20-30 subject in academics, why can't we learn 3-4 in career? we are paid to learn, implement and achieve here unlike PAY -> Learn in academics.


Hey I don't think that these days one need to have manual testing skills to test any applications. There are many automated testing tools that provide script less coding and even a no-vice users without having a knowledge of coding can perform the testing.And these tools do provide more accuracy than manual testing.

can you list out the tool name which doesn't required coding knowledge?

Could you please tell me the list of tools where coding is less required and their functionalities.

Thanks Sam...for starting such a fruitful discussion...

and Thanks to Shubbu also...for providing such a useful inputs...

Manual testing is essential before you even go into automation.  Think about it when you are doing automation on an application you are doing a manual process in a sense.

Also to implement automation on any given app there has to be some sort of manual verification that the app is stable enough as well, at least the core feature and rarely would you be able to automate something without having some sort of application in-front of you.

There are some rare cases where if the development is standardize enough where the objects are define in advance that you can automate the application concurrently as development is taking place.

Also when the 80% of the automation comes into play is done when 80% of the application has been manually verified.  In most cases the manual testers find the repetitive tasks that need to be automated and are sent to the automation team.

Now on future app updates then you will use automation as a smoke test per-say to find has has broken with the new updates....etc.


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