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First PostHow long a Test Engineer survive with only Manual Testing Skills

How long a Test Engineer survive with only Manual Testing Skills

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Very important question you have asked.  The same question I had in my mind in 2002.  BTW, I am Subbu, working as a QA Manager.  I started my career as a VC++ Developer in 1998 and due to my manager influence I have taken different line ie., in Testing.

Answer for your question is not so simple, please hold some patience.

For any company Manual Testers (we call them as Functional Testers) is mandatory because there is no company required 100% automation because they wanted to (re)validate critical features manually for confidence.  So there is a industry standard 80-20, means 80% automation and 20% manual testing is ideal coverage.

Now, how long it will take to learn Testing Concepts?  probably 6 months (if you go to Ameerpet / S.R.Nagar in Hyderabad then they can even cover it in 1 week).  But important point here is domain knowledge.  In industry various domain exists (Banking, Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, Trading, Asset Management etc etc.).

For Testers holding till 2 years exp we do not expect high expertise in domain skills but later you should.  Also, You need to learn what is Test Strategy, how to design it for different types of engagement models including setting up Testing COE for clients.  Always you need to optimize your self, what are new trends and what are all various challenges face by Testers (like testing in rapid development.  For example: Facebook deploy new build in production for every 25 minutes.  How it is possible?  What is their test strategy?  Just think!)

So answer for your question:

You can sustain with only Manual testing for ever with comprehensive knowledge of Testing (V & V) in the industry with the support of high voltage domain skills like I said above.

But I choose automation testing as Primary for my career because to get immediate visibility, hikes.  It also helped me switch companies easily which helps drive my ship without shakes :).

Please feel free to ask me any more information you need on this.



Ur question is 100% valid. ppl don't required manual work these days, they prefer automation than manual. So the ratio suggested by Subbu is pretty correct. manual testers can start achieving the qualities by their learning experiences, though you are at initial or intermediate but you can grasp the skills by using, observation, reading, following to ppl and many other ways. A skilled try is always must & other hand manual testers can start automation things as well. It is quite complex to learn manual testers to switch Automation. but it just matter of time to learn. we have to confident about the work we are doing. It is simply true that automation is must to learn and sustain manual testers profile. 



Subbu ,

U clarification means me a lot,.. Can you clarify the  Diff in Designation, QA Engineer ,QC Engineer & Software Test Engineer,.. Does it really matters in the industry ??

Thanks ,


how much salary can  a tester can get after 2 year manually exp???

thanks a lot for useful information...

A Very Good Explanation Mr Subbu I like it and Get it 


HI Subbu

I am inserting for this  any new update informations.


First, i wanna thank sam for asking this question. next to subbu for wonderful reply and fact. let me start my opinion now.

I am now on manual testing. Now a days, we need to know automation to get hike and to jump different companies. I always try to install different open source. But i get some confusion, without one trainer how can i sure about the result is right or wrong also i dont know how much script knowledge we need to have to do automation. I need your help Mr.subbu.

Hi All ,

Thanx for the replies & clarity on the above discussion...


You need to know many other things not just manual testing (functional testing).

Here there are some tests to help you learn other aspects of testing like audit, code review, agile methodology etc

Testing SkillSet Practice Test

Keep Learning

hi subbu

Your point is realistic to the extant of 80%. The need of a manual tester is a must inspete of all requirement of automation

badari narayana M

You can survive as long as you are learning something new and applying in your job whether manual or automation.




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