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Failed to identify 'Price value' as an Object and unable to perform Click operation on it.

Hi QTP Professionals,

Scenario: i have to click on an object(say: Mobile Phone) based on price range between "25000 To 28000" to place order.

Issue: But the required object(say: Mobile Phone) is detecting asAdd an Image, and price value is not available for those object properties. and i have noticed price(say:26000) object was detected as a "webelement" when used 'object spy' and same was added in OR. but QTP Tool is unable to perform Click Operation on the price(26000 webelement) object, hence i am unable to Place Order. can you guys please let me know, how to resolve the above scenario?

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I know it is too late reply but wanted to share my thoughts.

You can give a try using below steps.  It may work for you:

1. your product (in this case I-Phone 4s) should be inside a Frame / WebTable.  So get the properties of it.  If my guess is correct that should repeat for every other product.  So you need to use its index (in this case probably 0 (zero)).

2. once youj identfied that Web Table (or Frame) successfully using its innertext (iphone 4s) then get their child objects.  Try to identify price webelement (there should be some unique property or way to identify it).

3. once you find webelement then you are done.  just click on it.




Do nothing just use the regular expression with the price in the object repository.


it will select the webelement which values is upto 29999.


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