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Can anyone tell me how to export Requirements from QC to excel or word ?

Can anyone tell me how to export Requirements  from  QC to excel  or word ?

I am using QC 9.0.In test case and defects by right clicking it shows the Export functionality.But how to do with Req ?

Please suggest.







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First of all u have add-in for both word and  excel . After that we can export requirements from QC to Excel and word

I have done that.I have exported test cases and reqs from Excel to QC.

But right now I am after ,how to export from QC to excel ?

i checked many links,they says there is Report Generator  in  Tools  in QC.But I dont have it.I am using QC 9.0

hi Charu ,

Login to QC-> Go to Test Lab-> you can see uploaded Testcases -> there is one more link named as " Export " , ( which is in Test lab) , select contets whoch u wann export to your local ,then click in export . Test case / data will get download.


Hi Savitri,

I am using QC 9.2 version. I have checked in the Test Lab for Export link,but couldn't find. Can you please tell me the exact steps how to export to excel.





thanks savitri,is there anyway can we export Requirements from Requirement module  to Excel /word?
To export all test cases at a time from Quality center to Excel:
Go to test plan module-Grid view(view-test grid) of test plan module-right click on a testcase-click on Export-click on all (to export all)-Export selected grid data will appear-give a file name and select the type of file as Excel-click save.
Thanks for help.Done!


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