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   This is karthi from chennai, India. Do u know what is Exploratory Testing and how its done in the Application? Is there any process to be followed? Can u please explain?


Thanks in Advance...




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Dont misuse this blog by posting such stupid question. Search in google. You will find lots of info.

oh - really? What a harsh tone...


@ Girish don't use harsh tone on this blog if you don't know the answer then keep quiet or if you have the knowledge then share it. Don't try to be an over smart guys. This is not at all the stupid question for you it might be stupid but for some people it's not.

So from next time before posting a comment just make sure what wording you are using.


Karthik if you still have any doubt regarding exploratory testing let me know i will guide you.


Thanks Rakesh... I want to apply exploratory testing in my application. So pls let me know any process do i need to do.

Thanks again...

Girish How can u say that this is Stupid Question? No one ask question like this earlier? If you don't want to answer this question just leave it... 
Thanks Vidhya...

Hi Karthi,

             I'm attaching a pdf document prepared by Cem Kaner, who is a famous testing expert. Go through this, it will explain you clearly about Exploratory Testing. Anymore help need, feel free to ask.


Hi girish

Dont use unparlimentary words like stupid questions . then i have to say you are guy  who doesnt want to answer his questions and just doing a escapism.Please refrain using those words and dont try to over smarter. if u dont want to tell dont answer. this is a forum everybody had right to pose the questions. i dont feel this is a stupid question.


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