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Test Deliverables are set of documents, tools and other components that has to be developed and maintained in support of testing.

There are different test deliverable in software testing at every phase of the software development lifecycle

  • Before Testing
  • During Testing
  • After the Testing

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As per practices of top software testing companies, Test Deliverables are the test data/documents which are given to the Project owners of software project during the software development lifecycle.
At every phase of the software development lifecycle, there are different test deliverables. Some test deliverables are provided before the testing phase, some are provided during the testing phase and some after the testing cycles is over.

The test deliverables prepared during the process of software testing are as follows

Before Testing:
Test Strategy
Test Plan
Effort Estimation Report

During Testing:
Test Scenarios
Test Cases/Scripts
Test Data
Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

After the Testing
Defect Report/Bug Report
Test Execution Report
Graphs and Metrics
Test summary report
Test incident report
Test closure report
Release Note
Installation/configuration guide:
User guide
Test status report:
Weekly status report (Project manager to a client)


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