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Explain Test Plan and Test Startegy

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test plan: it is a detail process of how test should proceed , which will be tested, who will do testing, how much time it will take to test,and what quality level the test should be performed.it is prepared by test lead and tel to the interviewer that i 

was invloved in executing test plan like identifying scenerios,prepared and executed test cases.......

Test Strategy:it is an overall approach for testing,it describes about what levels of testing should be done,what tools and methods used for testing etc.....and it is a kind of organisation level document

the following are levels of tetsting used in my current project

-smoke testing

-sanity testing-

-system level testing

-database testing(using toad for oracle 9.0.1)

-cross browser testing(using IE8.0,9.0 and moziller 4.0,5.0)

-automation tools(qtp 10.0 for regression testing)

say to the interviewer in this way



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