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Please explain Software Testing Life cycle

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STLC is mainly 5 stages.

that is 1. test Initiation

    2. Test Planning

    3. Test Design

   4. Test Execution

   5.Test Closure

    These 5 stages is including Software Life Cycle.

STLC: it describes overall activities performed at all stage of software developed or developing. it is a part of SDLC


Test Initiation

Test Planning

Test Execution

Test Monitoting

Test Controlling

Test Closure



 @ Santosh,

   Test Monitoring and Test Controlling comes under Test Planning itself...

Hi Samrat, as per my understanding below is STLC -

Test planing- Create High level test plan & test strategy

Test analysis- Detailed test plan , req. document as input, traceability matrix, TC format, automation planing etc.

Test Design (Architecture Document and Review Phase) : all the plans, test cases are revised and finalized,Newer test cases are added, Test data is prepared, Schedule for testing is revised,Schedule for testing is revised, select TC for automation testing

Construction and verification: In this phase we have to complete all the test plans, test cases, complete the scripting of the automated test cases,

Test Execution (Unit / Functional Testing Phase): Execute TC, Test plan and bug report

Test Cycle (Re-Testing /Regression Phase):

Final Testing and Implementation : System testing, any remaining Stress and Performance testing, Test reports are prepared, remaining documentation, Acceptance, load and recovery testing,Test summary reports.

Post Implementation: In this phase, the testing process is evaluated and lessons learnt from that testing process are documented.

Please correct me if anything missing or not correct. OR explain simple STLC and their activity.






@ Hitesh,

 I think I forwarded you the same..  but I must add that I fail to understand why everyone stops at Reporting .. In fact the two most important testing ( Retesting and Regression testing gets done after reporting ) so they must be the part of STLC.....

@ Vamsi

 Ultimate Document you have uploaded a complete compiled material for testing ....

Thanks ..

Regards :

Samrat Jha.

STLC consists of 6 phases  : 1)Test Planning

                                           2)Test Developemnt

                                           3)Test Execution

                                            4)Result Analysis 

                                            5)Bug Tracking



Can you explain each phase activity (Testing work) ?


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