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Explain QA Process followed in company

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QA processes vary from company to company. CMM level company has to follow Guideline according to their CMM level but companies those are not CMM level but still they are using their own processes to deliver solution on-time without any issues or delay. But following things are important & each company try to follow these.

1.  Review requirements;

2.  Test scenario creation;

3.  Review test scenarios;

4.  Feedback incorporation;

5.  Create Traceability matrix; 

6.  Verify that entire requirements are covered in testing;

7.  Create test cases;

8.  Review test cases;

9.  Feedback incorporation;

10.  Test case execution;

11.  Create testing reports; 

12.  Log defects in the defect tracking tool;

13.  validate defects;

14.  Triage defects;

15. Retest fixed defects in corresponding build/s.

16. Execute non-functional testing, i.e., Security, performance, etc...

17. raise defects in the defect tracking tool;

18. Retest and do regression testing once issues have been fixed and deployed on testing environment.

19. provide sign off. 


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