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Explain difference between System testing to Functionality testing?

Explain difference between System testing to Functionality testing?

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system testing : IS testing the application as a whole i.e without leaving a single object.it involves functionalty performance security and user interface etc...

functionality testing: checks whether the application works according to clients requiremnet or not.

********Functional testing is a part of system testing**********
Functionality Testing is the testing each and every component of the application is working fine. eg edit box, listbox, buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons etc accepts the data as per the requirement. Where as System Testing is end to end i.e testing the application flows. eg logging into yahoo - checking mail - logout
Types of system testing -
1. functional testing
2. non-functional testing

Hi Krishna,

Difference between System and Functional is

System Testing : In this testing, not only functional but tester has to touch all parts of the system whether it is functional or non functional.

Functional Testing : In this, tester has to test the application to see that all requirements of the client which we have said in SRS or BRS has been incorporated or not.




Functional testing is a part of system testing which relates to the functions of the application/product.


System testing has perform to whole system.it comes under black box testing.

Functional testing, UI testing ,security Testing all are a part of system testing.


System testing is testing the software completely along with product deliverables.. in other words we can say that testing the S/W as a whole... system testing is further categorized in Functional testing and non functional testing. system testing is also called Black Box testing and sometimes also known as Behavioral testing as during system testing we test that how the S/W actually behaves when used..


Functional testing is simply testing the functionality of the software. it is always done against FRS  , BRS and SRS.. 



There has not been a convincing reply from any of ther folks, ONLY few were correct and incomplete.


System Testing: Testing conducted to verify the application on the whole against SRS(only SRS not BRS). System testing has to address all the quality factors which were agreed.



Functional(only Functional)

Non-Functional(security, performance, reliability...)


Functional Testing: Testing conducted against the application to assure the FUNCTIONAL quality factor(only functional). This is conducted against FRS.


Functional testing is 1/12 of system testing as it addresses only 1 quality factor.




Hi please is there anybdy can guide me in runing the JMETER TOLL..................from notes i understood only basics
Hi please is there anybdy can guide me in runing the JMETER TOLL..................from notes i understood only basics kush05@ovi.com

Testing for any application will be conducted in 3 stages called system testing round.

ST-1/round-1: As part of this phase application will be test build by build.For each build functionality & regression testing vl be conducted

                      as part of Functionality testing of a build, bugs which r reported will be fixed in subsequent builds.wen a new build is instal functionality testing will be conducted for new functionality which r developed as part of build2 and regression testing for the bugs which r fixed in build2.this process will be continued till all the builds of application r developed.

ST-2/round-2: As part of round-2 testing following major activities will be conducted.

1)Executing all the major test cases

2)re-certification of all the bugs fix as part of round-1.

3)integration testing.

4)in case of complex & huge application Load,Stress,Performance testings application will be conducted.

          By the time round-2 testing is completed their should not be any major functional issues.

ST-3/round-3: this phase is called system integration testing.As part of this for the complete integrated system all the major business flows will be executed.



You actually meant "3 cycles" not stages and more over there is NO hard rule to carryout only 3 cycles!

Depends on the test strategy being implemented.


1) In stage 1 don't you execute Test cases?

2) New TERM, re-certification of bugs...when they are certified what's the deal in re-certifying them? Do you intented, Re-Testing?

3) You do Integration testing in System Testing????

4) Why is Stress, Load, Performance testin is done ONLY after stage 1, why not in stage 1?

5) Business flows are testing in System testing i.e. Systems Integration testing? more over, if business flows are tested isn't it UAT?





 Agree with Siddiq,

      Madhurima seems to be in big confusion ... and I would say She is aware about several things but on the whole she is completely confused ....

For example:  You could notice in her answer:--


1) she has divided ST in 3 stages..  [ Depends on Complexity of the System as well as Test Strategy to be followed ]

2) She is going to Execute major test cases late in the Cycle. [ Recommended to Execute as early as possible ]

3) Integration testing [ It means she is not aware about the differences between IT and ST ]

4) and regression testing for the bugs which r fixed in build2 [ Re-testing for the bugs which has been fixed and Regression for the side effects of the fixes ]

5) in case of complex & huge application Load,Stress,Performance testing application will be conducted [ If the Application is not huge she wont go for Non-Functional quality Attributes of the System ]

6) ST-3/round-3: this phase is called system integration testing. [ It is not conducted under System testing and it is not always necessary to perform SIT . If We need to perform then SIT will be done after ST]

7) all the major business flows will be executed [ It means She is in confusion about UAT too ]


On the Whole She says to perform  Integration testing  , System testing , System Integration  testing as well as UAT during System testing ... so bas ek Unit ko hi Q Chhor di usko bhi isi me daal deti "....


Samrat Jha.


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