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explain difference among 1-tier,2-tier, 3-tier and n-tier atchitecture

this is a common question now a days in interviews

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1 tier application:All the processing is done on one machines and numbr of clients are attached to this machine (mainframe applications)

2 tier application: Clients and data base on different machines.Clinets are thich clinets i.e. processing is done at client side.Application layer is on Clients.

3 tier application.Client are partially thick.Apart from that there are two more layers application layer and database layer. ( Webservers follows 3 tier arch.., eg tomcat.... )

N tier application: Some clients may be totally non thick clients some cliints may be partally thick and further there are 3 layers web layer application layer and database layer. ( eg : Servers having business logic, which are application servers (eg weblogic, jbos......))

Please feel free to suggest me if any thing wrong...


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