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Expecting an answer for a interview Quetion i have been asked


Last week i attended an interview and they asked "What are all the various roles you have played as a tester in these 6 years" (All these years i am in functionality testing 2 years in banking and 4 years in legal domain).

I couldn explain the different roles i have played as tester..

Can anyone tell me what they actually expect our of this Question. Thanks for your time.


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They are expecting from you what kind of responsibilities you have taken during your experience and also what deliverables you have given, your client facing skills. Simply answer contains your strengths.

It's just a simple question asking you what different hats have you worn during your 6 years as a tester...

Possibilities include:

1. At times, played the role of a test lead to assign tasks to various testers/analysts

2. When needed, played the role of a test data analyst (in most banking firms, this is a separate role and not something that falls under the manual tester's role and responsibility)

3. Played the role of a defect manager (again, in most firms, a defect manager is a separate role distinct from a lead or a manager)

4. Seldom, played the role of a Project Test Manager in tracking the milestone deliveries, entrance and exit critical dates on a project plan (this is something that the Test Manager does most of the time, but could be a great thing to mention as it enhances your role)


the roles played changed as the experience increases, mean to say responsibility.

The interviewer simply want to know how you grow with your responsibility.

Started a carrier as a software engineer, here responsibilities are understand requirement and test scripts.

After that as experience increases you became Sr.QA here responsibilities are also increases here you are also handling

team for a module.

Somehow you are also responsible for automation.

After some years you became lead now your responsible for more.

Sankarn ramamoorthy, you have to tell your domain experice that is enough....what are the tasks you face throughtout year........

You are the right person to answer about yourself, any how


learn the basics of the software testing,

learn the application

execute test cases

As a TEST ENGINEER: 2-4 years

write test cases, get them reviewed 

execute test cases

log defects


review test cases,

execute test cases,

report & track defect

As  a TEST LEAD: 6+ years

prepare test plan,

assign task and track

prepare deliverable documents...

Just explain what you have done in the above


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