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HI ,

   Give me a Answer of Expectations from new job ? which is ask by interviewer

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I'm sorry - but this question is weird?!


What do you think the recruiter wants to hear, what will he be more impressed of:

(+) standard answer - he hears about 20 times a day?

(+) something individual


When I would apply for a new job I would expect:

nice collegues, challenging work, independent work, good relationship to my boss, development potentialities, the possibility of further education, security of employment, adequate wages, the needed support from my boss (hardware, software, menpower), ....

I'm sure you don't apply for a new job without having any expectations?!


I recruite testers for my team (had about 150 - 180 interviews) and the people that were most honest to me got the job.

Do yourselfe & the recruiter a favour - and don't learn your answers by heart!!




Actually this question ask with me in a interview. And thnks for ur reply
First interview questions will be based on your CV, then will goto more technical.


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