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What is  Exit and Entry Criteria in SDLC ? how to decide for each phase of SDLC and in Test plan also.Pl describe in details with example.
Hitesh Shah

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Are you aware of Black Viper Testing??????
@sarang , @ hitesh,

guys, thanks for your feedback.

@@ - Smoke will be performed with negative attitude to make sure the build stability - @@
Pre - Condition: This is First build from dev team or it might be regression build
Environment: QA Servers

Build is received from development; I want to make sure the build health/build stability. As a tester my assumptions is three might be bugs so always I try to break the functionality.

Positive Attitude:
Pre - Condition: Build is already stabilized after no of regression builds
Environment: Staging Servers
Build is already stabilized in QA environment, same build is placed in staging server. As a tester my assumption is all major functionalities are working fine. To make sure my assumptions I just navigate major functionalities.

If u says … I have performed smoke(BVT) testing and BVT is passed. This means now the build is ready for further testing.

If u says … I have performed sanity testing and sanity is passed. This means now the build is ready for Performance testing.

If u says … I have performed sanity testing on staging sever and sanity is passed. This means now the build is ready to release.

In my company, to show the application to client we place the build on staging servers. Before release to client we need make sure the major functionalities or we need to perform link testing on staging servers. Here we will send a conformation message to our PM as “We have performed sanity testing on staging server, this build is ready to release”.
hi sarang,

i could not open the document which u sent,can u plz send to kirankmr130@gmail.com .
check ur mail I send it this document on mentioned id
Hi Sarang,

Hope good going , Pl share this documents with me , also send SRS and Test plan soon.
Rest is ok
Hitesh Shah
@ Ragav,

I am not aware of Black Viper Testing. I haven't used it.

Can you share?


Here is where the problem lies, u know wht there is noting such called as Black Viper Testing in Software Testing, If i can a give defention of some way of testing which i do and name it as Black Viper Testing then it will become a term in future(like smoke & sanity testing who knows!)

This is how i learnt these terminologies are just derived from no where.

Smoke testing is realted to hard ware and since some one related it to in the initial build verification testing and they could have started using this term and it became a standard Defenition, so as Sanity testing....

If we all can under stand the various sweety flavour of software testing, and we can name what ever we want, (name it black viper) :)
@ Ragav,
If you can provide defination to Black Viper Testing will be good idea, there is always room in testing.

This is not the case with Smoke or Sanity. There are established difference between both. They aren't shooting in DARK.

Do you know what is Orange Box, Yellow Box, Red Box testings???

There are NO flavors in testing as everyone follow their own. This is testing greatness.


What every one follow itself a flavor of testing friend.

May be in the future u & i can define the defention's for those (various colored box testing)... after all terminologies can be defined by any one unless there is hyothesis of the term is not beed proved false.

BTW i would be intrested to know your views on Smoke & Sanity Testing, can u tell me ???

The Entrance Criteria specified by the system test controller, should be fulfilled before System Test can commence. In the event, that any criterion has not been achieved, the System Test may commence if Business Team and Test Controller are in full agreement that the risk is manageable.
* All developed code must be unit tested. Unit and Link Testing must be completed and signed off by development team.
* System Test plans must be signed off by Business Analyst and Test Controller.
* All human resources must be assigned and in place.
* All test hardware and environments must be in place, and free for System test use.
* The Acceptance Tests must be completed, with a pass rate of not less than 80%.

The Exit Criteria detailed below must be achieved before the Phase 1 software can be recommended for promotion to Operations Acceptance status. Furthermore, I recommend that there be a minimum 2 days effort Final Integration testing AFTER the final fix/change has been retested.
* All High Priority errors from System Test must be fixed and tested
* If any medium or low-priority errors are outstanding - the implementation risk must be signed off as acceptable by Business Analyst and Business Expert
* Project Integration Test must be signed off by Test Controller and Business Analyst.
* Business Acceptance Test must be signed off by Business Expert.
Hi kiran,
really very nice explain , now I understand . here I want to know about resumption and suspension criteria , what is resumption and suspension criteria in Testing .
Hitesh Shah


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