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Can Somebody provide examples of

1)Low priority and high severity bug

2)High priority and low severity bug

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hi friend,

its really a good question.but its all depends on the cases

if build is in developement and we found major functionality is not working then it is high severity and enhancement og application is low priority in other case when it is ready for client review then we found any GUI errors like colors,look and feel then it treated as high priority and the other functionalities are low priority

in these way we can take sveral exmpls depends on case.

Thank you.

1]High Severity And Low Priority----If  there is an application , if that application crashes after mulple use of any functionality (exa--save Button use 200 times then that application will crash)

Means High Severity because application chrashed but Low Priority because no need to debug right now you can debug it after some days.

2]High Priority And Low Severity---- If any Web site say "Yahoo" now if the logo of site "Yahoo" spell s "Yho"  ----Than Priority is high but severity is low.

Because it effect the name of site so important to do quick ---Priority

but it is not going to crash because of spell chage so severity low.

Correct me if am wrong..............

High severity and Low priority:

When the application has critical problem and it has to be solved after a month then we can say it as high seviority and  low priority.

Low severity and High priority:

When the application has trivial problem ie (less affected)  and it has to be solved within a day then we can say it as low seviority and high priority.




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