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Difference between UI Testing,Usability testing And GUI Testing?

Difference between UI Testing,Usability testing And GUI Testing?

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UI and GUI testing is same, here we verify the Look and feel of the application, For example logo of the application should be displayed at a particular location and drop down list should be in sorted order.

In case of Usability testing, we need to verify that how easy for user or customer to access the application, so next time when user visits to the application, he remembers everything. 

In US there is law that handicap people should be able to access the application, so there it is necessary to do the Usability testing.

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Here is an answer to your query. Please check this link - http://bit.ly/1Sazhss

There is a very thin line between UI, Usability and GUI testing.

Usability Testing is something which tells us how much user friendly and how much ease is there while using an application.
Some of the basic features of Usability Testing are as follows:

- Learning: How much easy is it for the users to learn the functionality of an application when they encounter it for the first time?
- Efficiency: How fast is the application while performing tasks accurately.
- History: When users return to the application after a long period of time, does the application remembers enough to use it effectively the next time?
- Satisfaction: How much does the user like using the system?

In short, if all type of target users have everything they want in the application, it scores high on usability.

UI (User Interface) Testing : It means that tester is going to test the application in terms of How simple user can understand the application with the available arrangement of UI objects e.g. size of the buttons, dropdowns, listbox, link etc. Also, how easy are the objects to use.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Testing: It means that the tester is going to test the application w.r.t. the available graphics. For e.g.background color of the page and elements, font color and size of the displayed text, combination of foreground and background shades of text, images, links etc.

Most of the offshore qa service providers perform these testing as a part of Manual Testing.

Hope this answer helps you in getting a clear difference between UI, Usability and GUI testing.


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