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what are errors that we commonly come across while testing a webapp

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common errors can be ....

script errors
502 errors, server shutdown error, usability issue's,security related... like cross site scripting, penetration

The main errors in web application testing is GUI related issues, Usability issues, performance issues and functionality issues.
GUI Issues:
Spelling mistake, Alignment problem, Image missing problems
Usability Issues:
Check whether the system is user friendly.
Check for proper validation message
Performance Issues:
Performance of the system while fetching data and page navigation
Functionality issues:
Other than application related functionality, check for page navigation, link are navigating to proper page, whether any page missing etc.
Below are few common problems in webapp testing.

1.Page Can not be found
2.Usability and Navigation
3.browser compatibility
web app, various types of error which are possible are

1) Functionality Issues
2) Security issue : Since the application is exposed to WWW, there are lot of Unintented customer(Hackers) who posses threat to the web appications.
3) Browser Compatability Here you may have UI issues, Functionality issues.
4) Usability Issues : This is important bcos at last the application which is being developed should be friendly to the User who uses it.
5) Performance issues : On top of all the performance and load related issues, Ur usability will also be a part of the perfomance of the application.
Hi Rahika,

What do you mean by Errors while Testing a Web Application? Do you mean the Error codes?

404 - Page Not Found such?

Pls let me know, will answer your query


I mean what are the frequent errors we notice while testing a web application.


Hi Siddiq,

I wanna know what all the error codes we get while testing the web application.

the one which you have mentioned in the reply,such kind of errors.


Pls reply ASAP.





Here's some ideas that (mostly) haven't been covered.

Behaviour of web elements (drop-downs, radio buttons, tool tips, ...)
Characteristics of the display elements (colour, font, layout...)
Link behavior (onMouseOver, visited/not visited, open new browser window / reuse, ...)
Content incorrect or missing (CMS issues, incorrect country recognition, spelling, ...)
Images (missing, quality, size, alt text, ...)
Page flow (component placement, tab sequence, ...)
Data missing or incorrect (drop down menu options, button labels, ...)
Failure to load required files (JavaScript, CSS, ...)
Dependency on dynamic / generated content with no alternative (AJAX calls, XSLT, onmouseover, ?, ...)
File container issues (Embedded Flash movies, Silverlight Containers, ...)
Invalid document (XML not complying to XSD, incorrect XMLNS declaration in HTML)
Printing (forms, content, lists, order confirmation, ...)
Cookies (data, expiration, location, ...)
File upload (types, sizes, ...)
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the details or info you have provided.



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