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Error while running script on chrome, worked the same for firefox.

org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: Element is not clickable
This error is displayed while running the script on chrome.

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Here the issue is element is recognize by selenium only in chrome browser, better to use "id" instead of xpath y because xpath may change in different browsers but the id will not change for all browsers element id is fixed so better to use element id.


give another element like xpath, name, cssSelector, id  etc and put a condition for chrome browser step.

i think this will help u ...correct me if i wrong


Thank you for the reply. But i tried the using the above mentioned also. it shows " Element is not clickable at point". even tried by switching back to previous chrome driver. :( . It would be good, if you could help.


Sometimes based on the browsers it may not be able to recognise.So can you try using Java script executor to use java script operations.


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