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 While testing a website, an image that is supposed to appear on a page does not load (for example in IE, you would see an empty box with a small red cross icon). What type of investigation could you carry out to find out what the cause of the problem is? What information would you include when raising the defect?

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Just report the GUI error in defect management tool.

This error may be happened because of the incorrect path to the image containing folder has be provided by developer or else the image itself is not available in the folder.


Amit Nimje

Before logging a defect, try clearing the browser cache and give it another shot. If you have access to multiple browsers, then do run the same test case on another browser like Firefox or Chrome. If the behavior is the same, then I would log a defect and provide all the relevant details in the defect as well. 

Hi Priyanka ,

    First of all I would say , being a test engineer its not your job to investigate the issue to find out the cause of the Problem ....  it is called fault localization and it is done by the developers ....  okay coming down to your question ...  See , Its a very common bug when an image is not displayed with IE ...  so you should report the defect as:-     Example :-   "xyz"  image on the "abc" page under "123" heading is not displayed properly with IE 7 or 8 etc... or it can simply be written as " "xyz"  image on the "abc" page under "123" heading is missing with IE 7 or 8 etc .....

and attach the screenshot for the same ..   thats it ..


Samrat Jha.


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