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Hi friends,

getting this error .

Please help me

Bad Request - Invalid Header

HTTP Error 400. The request has an invalid header name.

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Looks like some server error. 

Can you check with Fiddler as well.

 Install Fiddler, capture what you're sending through browser, and through JMeter, compare.

Hi sandhya,

Thank you for quick response.
These are the API,which I am testing.
I cant do this with browser.
Anyother way to do .

Is possible can you share complete response code?

Hi Sandhya,

I am getting this

Bad Request - Invalid Header

HTTP Error 400. The request has an invalid header name.

1) invalid_request - The request is malformed, a required parameter is missing or a parameter has an invalid value

2) invalid_client - Client authentication faile

3) unauthorized_client - Client is not authorized to use the grant

Hi Kumaran,

You mean to say that this error is because of request missed the information

HTTP Status code 400 means Bad Request, most likely you sent something syntactically incorrect. 

  1. Make sure you have HTTP Header Manager configured to send the relevant Content-Type header 
  2. Make sure there are no typos in the Content-Type header name (and other header names if any)
  3. Make sure you're sending valid JSON or XML. 
  4. If you can successfully send the same request via a 3rd-party tool likeSoapUI or Postman  compare request details from JMeter and the other tool and amend JMeter configuration to be 100% match

See Testing SOAP/REST Web Services Using JMeter article to get started with web services load testing  


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