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How to detect errors if you are given a web page print out in an interview?

Hi everyone,

How to detect errors if you are given a web page print out in an interview?



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Hi Priya,

If a Interviewer gave a Printout of webpage, then we are in a position to find only UI issues rather than the find functional issues.

Note: If we have any idea regarding web page(ex: google login page), at that time we have a chance to find some functional issues.

If there is any mistakes in my post please suggest me as reply to this post.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Priya

Based on Following Functional level ,Web page print out is occur
--Configured the Service in Database ,Based on the service value, the print out are fired
---Every release ,we need to set the up configuration for print out fire

The issue are occur based following
Due to unknown values in DB in Service configuration , chance to fail the print out
Build release ,Files are not configured,files are not paste in updated version folder ,this create printout failure

The valid alert message box is displayed "Print out Failure" with 'OK' button
if build is not release properly chance to show the server error

Thanks for your reply.

HI Priya, For a Printout we can write only Functional test cases alone .It's better to write the negative test cases and keep the actual Result column Blank And the Test status column also Blank.I think this may correct .If There is a better means let me know


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