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What is Entry and Exit Criteria?

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The entry critera is the process that must be present when a systems begins like


Use case

Test case

Test plan


The exit crieria esnusre whether testing is completed and application is ready for release like

Test summary report

Defect Analysis report





thanks vijay


I am Completely dis-agree with Vijay,  as far as Entry criteria is concerned , the documents he has mentioned may be the Prerequisite to perform different levels of testing but Exit Criteria..!!  Oh my God... there is no relation between the documents which he has mentioned and Exit criteria...  


Go through this official content :------------- 

Entry criteria define when to start testing such as at the beginning of a test level or when a set of tests is ready for execution.

 Typically entry criteria may cover the following:

1) Test environment availability and readiness

 2) Test tool readiness in the test environment

 3) Testable code availability

 4) Test data availability


Exit criteria define when to stop testing such as at the end of a test level or when a set of tests hasachieved specific goal.


Typically exit criteria may cover the following:

1) Thoroughness measures, such as coverage of code, functionality or risk

2) Estimates of defect density or reliability measures

3) Cost

4) Residual risks, such as defects not fixed or lack of test coverage in certain areas

5) Schedules such as those based on time to market.


Source:- ISTQB Syllabus .  



Samrat Jha



Entry criteria will include the events which led to the creation/Change of STP such as SRS, changes in Functional Specifications etc.

-      All Code should be unit tested.

-      Test cases reviewed and approved.

-      Requirements and change requests approved at least 1 week prior to build.

-      Environment setup, data etc. should be ready before testing.



Exit criteria will include the events like logging of bugs in defect tracking tool, verifying the feature to be tested, reporting etc.

-      All bugs have been opened in the Defect tracking system.

-      All critical bugs have been retested and resolved.

-      Documenting system test results.

Lead/QA Manager to review all open bugs which are low/medium priority and check which bugs require resolution before exiting system test.


-S Sarita


Just like Samrat, I disagree with Vijay. I am not sure if he understood the meaning of entry and exit criteria or not, but the industry accepted standards for entry and exit criteria is related to test execution. 


Your entry criteria is the list of all those preconditions or requirements that are essential for you to begin a test phase. 

Your exit criteria is the list of all those conditions or deliverables that you need to meet or generate at the end of that particular test execution phase.

Hi Vijay,


Entry and Exit criteria is for each and every phase of STLC.


It's a big list, so can't pen down.


You better google for "ETVXM Architecutre" to have a better understanding.




thanks for every one.


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