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Hi All,

Please explain on about ecomm web application testing for below points-

1. What is CSS and CMM application?

2. Paypal or other paymentgetway testing scenarios?

3. Main scenarios (also negative) for any ecomm web application testing.

4. How to do security testing for any ecommerce web application.

Also share live project test case .


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Hi, for how to do security testing of web app, please refer this link: http://www.softwaretestingtimes.com/2014/01/Website-Security-Testin...

Security testing is much larger are than the link at Prshant's response. The main site to learn web application security (it doesn't matter if it is ecommerce, CMS or any other - same risks are there) is OWASP. You won't learn security testing in couple days. It requires good techincal skills, good skills to investigate and think about different risks, and plenty of creativity and imagination and thinking "evil way".

Hi Teemu,

Thanks for reply and I am ok but little bit we can do security testing on high level specially when we are doing any transitions or checking authentication . Also I need your answer on first 3 points of my questions.

Please help me.



Hi Teemu. Yes I do agree that's quite tough job, but I just shared an overview on what are the things you need to consider and I didn't tell the exact way on how to perform. Sorry for my typos. Thanks for the comment, appreciated.


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