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Interview question : What is difference between Bug and Defect. ?

Hi Friends,

               Interview question : What is difference between Bug and Defect. 
               Can any one give the answer for above question.
Thanks in Advance.....
Saravanan U

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hi Saravanan..

Please don mind.. this doubt is already discussed in forum.. pls take bit risk to search fr that key word u'l get answers..

   they both are same ....    Bug / Defect / Fault / Flaw / Issue  they are all same ....   different org calls them with different name ....      anyway visit this  below link ..... either It will cure your Problem or You may go more confuse ..    but give it a try...



Samrat Jha

Hi Saravanan,

According to ISTQB, there is no difference between bug and defect. Bug/defect is flaw in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function.

But according to me, there is a small difference between them two. Bug is a pre-release flaw and defect is a post-release flaw in the system.

Thanks and regards


@ Sitam,

Post release flaw is always Failure ...  When a Bug make it to Customer its failure of the software making team.

@ Samrat,

What you have said is absolutely ok and clear to me. Defect is the reason behind the failure that has occurred. And if a system has released into the market with some flaws (defects) into it, those flaws can result into failure. So, in my view, A defect, if encountered during execution, may cause a failure of the component or system.

Thanks and regards                                                                                                                 Sitam 

Bug : Spotted by tester before releasing the Image or build or program line code

Defect :  any failure of new feature like new enhancements or bug which is unnoticed by tester or developer and found by end user.


Mistake in code is error, due to this error tester found mismatch on Build which is Defect and developers accept to fix it which is Bug.


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