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Does Jmeter really make changes in the application??

Hi all,

i need help on jmeter, when i record a script using HTTP proxy server and when i run the script by changing particular values, i dont find jmeter to change the values actually.

I have this example below:


I have performed the below actions and recorded the script using HTTP proxy server(Please refer edubase1.jmx)


Site: https://www.edubase.gov.uk/

login : ashfaque

Password : saSmH5AD

Click on “My account” in the left pannel>>click on “Upgrade”>>click on “here” in  the content page.

Update company name to “bingo1”

Clcik on Save



Now, I have added a csv data set config.

It contains the username, password & the company’s names (Please refercompanynames.csv)

When I run the script, I see that the csv values are being passed (please refer csv values seen in results.JPG )


Now when I check “my account” in the application, it should show me the name of the company passed in the csv right??

But I don’t find anything updated.



Please help…


Thanks & Regards


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Need to check your script..can you pass me your script as well?


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