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Does field validation comes under GUI test cases or functional test cases or its seprate test doc?

 Hi All,

    could any one pls answe?

     Does field validation comes under GUI test cases or functional test cases or is it seprate test doc?

what are the testing techniques should be used for each(GUI, functional,validation )?please give an example.


Thanks and Regards


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 Nivedita ,

                       Field Validation will come under Validation test cases and You need to Use Validation techniques for that such as ( Equivalence Partitioning , BVA Etc ..)...        Further Drop me a mail samrat.bats@gmail.com , I shall send you the complete solution ........................


Samrat Jha


Thank you Samrat.

             here is my email id:  nivyabtech@gmail.com

  I told you to Drop me a mail ... but you wrote it over here ...   being a tester its not a good habit ...   testers need to do as directed and they must not assume anything ...   anyways  have sent you the mail for the same.. check it out... 

Samrat, it will be useful if u have posted the thing here also as every one could read it.

 Vamshi ,   

            I have had a great exp with people over here at QT ..  A person in need contacts me, they keep on sending me remainders until I Provide them the solution but once they get the solution , they don't even have the time to thank me back ...... So I often think to quit from QT family ...  but till now I have managed to be available ... lets see for how long I can continue ...    anyway coming to the point   .. It was a huge document and posting here was not possible... more to it ...  I have on demand services now ...     

Well it depends on them samrat..ya I do agree it pains somewhat but not to hurt u but tell me that we are here to HELP people in need and to learn from them if we need..so dont get hurt with such people....


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