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Do you use any automation tool for Smoke Testing? Which is the best tool for smoke test?

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In Smoke Testing, Just we will check basic functionality. For testing basic functionality we can use any functional testing tools like Winrunner, QTP, Selenium, etc…
Thanks Mohan and Kamali.

Here are some automation tools that help in doing smoke and functional testing.


It uses machine learning for the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated tests. It focuses on functional testing, end-to-end testing and UI testing. The more tests you run the more smarter the tool becomes to increase the stability of your test suites. It is not a completely code-less tool; you can use JavaScript and HTML to write complex programming logic (if needed) for your applications.


It is Python based GUI automation tool. You can automate anything that has a GUI. It uses an image recognition algorithm to select elements based on images. You use Python to add code as and when you need to extend the functionality of the tool


This allows to run tests on web and mobile apps. It is easy to use and has all the functionalities you may need for automation. But in terms of flexibility it may not be as robust as Testim.io


Appvance uses AI to generate test results autonomously, and also data-driven regression end-to-end test cases based on actual production behavior. It has advanced validation capability without writing any scripts (validate results). It learns from each test run and makes tests smarter each time. It is a fully AI based system. Works for web based applications including new libraries like ReactJS, Polymer, Angular2, KendoUI, ShadowDOM etc.


AI-Powered Test Automation | test.ai uses artificial intelligence to perform regression testing. It is helpful to get performance metrics on your app. It is more of an app monitoring tool than functional testing tool from my point of view


Functionize uses machine learning for functional testing. It is very similar to other tools in the market in terms of its capabilities


This is an open source testing tool that focuses on BDD (Behavior Driven Development). It emphasizes writing requirements in plain english in the form of Given, When and Then statements. This is commonly referred to as “Gherkin” syntax. You then convert these GWT statements into code using Java, JavaScript, Ruby or Kotlin. This helps to enforce collaboration and bring more clarity to requirements.


This is an open source tool and has been around for quite a while. It would require some knowledge of programming like Java/JavaScript and need to know good practices of automation like Page Object and Page Factory pattern.


This framework was born as a result of the inabilities of Selenium to handle javascript frameworks such as Angular.js. It is an end to end testing framework to specifically test Angular and Angular JS applications. It has built in functions to identify different types of elements in these applications. One of the coolest feature of the framework is its support for parallel testing, where you can run several browser instances simultaneously.

Although protractor has good features to do web automation it does have its limitations. It only supports JavaScript and automating Angular.js applications. It does not support mobile apps.

Hi Sireesha,

Smoke Testing is a very important preliminary testing performed after the software build deployment to verify the stability & readiness of the build for QA team to proceed with further testing process without getting blocked or failed.

Most of the functional testing services recommend automating the smoke test suite.

For automation, you can use very basic and widely used tool Selenium. It's an open-source tool, you can choose any language from a wide range of supported languages to start with. Good luck with your smoke testing automation. 

Anand Singh


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